Proof Bread

You Can’t Fake the Taste of Vintage

Proof is a new artisan bakery based on an old style. We use many of the same techniques that have been used in bread-making for thousands of years. Our bread is premium artisan bread.

Chef Allen is a Cordon Bleu trained chef who has developed a love for baking premium artisan breads.

Jared Allan grew “Proof Bread” from a homemade business, baking and selling from his kitchen, to become a nationally recognized Bakery. He’s come a long way from posting images of his Old World Artisan breads on Instagram as “Proof” of his daily inventory and selling to the first responders to each picture. Now he is the general manager of the American Way Market Café and his picture perfect creations have become the foundation of our entire menu.

Jared Allen’s attention to detail, making old world artisan breads by hand, from scratch fits perfectly American Way Market Café’s vision. Every roll and every loaf has to be made from scratch with the best ingredients and has to become an edible work of art.

You can’t fake the taste of Vintage, we bake it into every bite.